Trauma and neglect in my childhood had left me feeling like a hopeless case. I went from one alcoholic partner to another, reaffirming my worthlessness over and over. A recommendation from a good friend led me to P-Therapy. My therapist was warm and gentle with me, she nurtured me when I needed it most. It’s taken time but I’m almost unrecognisable. I have a great job I love, fantastic friends, hobbies and interests that fulfil me and I know love is around the corner. I have now gone on dates with balanced men and made the conscious choice that although they were good people they weren’t the one for me. I’ve found peace with myself.

Abigail, 36, UKUK

I’m quite embarrassed still to admit I had an addiction – a social media addiction. I spent literally hours and hours a day on Twitter and Facebook. Not only was it consuming my time but it was getting in the way of work, friends, my marriage and even sleep. I couldn’t find a therapist I liked in my area so turned to the internet. We went for a Mindfulness mixed with CBT approach as they seemed to really suit my needs. I could see an improvement after 2 sessions and continued for another 8. I am happy to say I now use social media for 30 mins or less a day, have taken up new sports and hobbies and my relationship with my wife is flourishing. I may well come back to therapy some day but for now I’m really happy with what I’ve achieved and how things are going.

Richard, 30, AustraliaAustralia

I honestly thought I was at the end of the line until I stumbled upon Rachel and P-Therapy while Googling depression. It took 3 months for me to start to regain my sense of self, hope and enjoyment in life but I GOT THERE with the help of my wonderful therapist. I’ll never forget what she helped me not only to understand, but to believe and embody: “Depression is living in the past, Anxiety is living in the future. Living in the Present is… Living!” Thank you for giving me back my life.

Sara, 26, UKUK

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