Telephone Therapy

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Phone therapy is a rapidly growing trend among therapists. Approx 85% of practitioners now offer some of their services over the phone due to busy schedules, transportation time and other problems making it more difficult for many people to get to their therapist’s practice.

Telephone therapy has been shown to be highly effective and offers a solution for people who would otherwise miss out. This is particularly true for those who are physically disabled, housebound due to physical or psychological issues, those who are often travelling, people who live in rural areas without much access to face to face therapy and also people who are looking for relative anonymity and/or invisibility, making disclosure easier.

A recent American study showed that people who had therapy sessions over the phone were more likely to complete 18 weeks of treatment than those who had face to face sessions.

The study, published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, is the first large trial to compare the benefits of face to face and phone therapy, although previous research has also shown the effectiveness of telephone-based therapy.


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