Lindsay Burke

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The Parenting Specialist

Niche – Child & Family Empowerment



·      ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

·      Autism Spectrum Disorders/Symptoms

·      Reactive Attachment Disorders (and other bonding concerns)

·      Selective Mutism (and other speech/language delays)

·      Parental Divorce/Separation

·      Trauma

·      Academic Concerns

·      Behavioural Concerns

·     Shyness

·     Aggressiveness

·     Angry outbursts/Mood swings

·     Compliance

·     Eating, Sleeping, Potty Training

·     Separation Anxiety

·     Social Functioning

·      Couples Counselling, Emphasis on Uniting & Strengthening Parental Bond



Do you feel that you’re nagging all of the time?

Do you have certain times of the day that are especially difficult, like getting ready for school, dinnertime or bathing?

Do you have a child that is particularly aggressive or incredibly shy?

Do you have children who seem to fight all of the time?

Are you becoming concerned about your child’s behaviour and afraid it is moving beyond what is typical at their particular age?

Is your child in treatment right now, but you are looking for some extra support, yourself?

Do you and your partner differ in parenting styles, causing conflicts in the home?

Do you feel you are at your wits end, exhausted, and overwhelmed with your parenting responsibilities?


These are just some of the topics that come up when I talk to distressed parents about their family life, and I have experienced many of them myself.  With an education in sociology, counselling psychology and over 10 years of experience working with children from the delivery room into early adulthood, I am here to help you build the best relationship possible with your child while helping them work through some tough times in their development.


In my experience, every child and family is different and I approach each case with empathy, free from judgment. If you are here, seeking out treatment, I am sure you are already doing the best job you can.  I am here to simply provide you with some simple tricks to the trade, as well as evidence-based interventions, that have helped me meet the needs of numerous clients over the years.  My goal is to build your confidence as a parent while improving the well-being of your child.



Having trained in martial arts for 18 years, I continuously incorporate many of the values and lessons I learned through my training into my treatment approach:  perseverance, compassion, humility and mindfulness, to name a few.  I educate parents in love-based methods that not only encourage “good” behaviour, but also improve their self-esteem and inspire them to make safe and healthy decisions even when mom and dad (or others) are not looking over their shoulders.


I believe the relationship and attunement to one another in a family is most important, so I take a systems theory and emotion-focused approach when breaking down the concerns while focusing on the strengths and specific character traits of your family members in order to develop solutions.


Fees & Availability:

In-Home Individual/Family in West Los Angeles:  £60/$95 per session, £310/$500 per 6 sessions (sliding scale, please email me)

Telephone/Audio Only: £35/$55 per session, £185/$300 per 6 sessions

Video (Skype/FaceTime/Google Chat): £35/$55 per session, £185/$300 per 6 sessions

Instant Messenger/Online Chat: £35/$55 per session, £185/$300 per 6 sessions

Email: £35/$50 for up to 3 emails

Text: £25/$40 for up to 20 texts (from client)


Please check Booking Schedule for availability.

Feel free to contact me at with any questions or concerns.


Training, Qualifications & Experience:

M.S. Counseling Psychology, Specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy

Mount St. Mary’s College

B.A. Sociology, Pre-Physical Therapy

University of Kentucky

Behavior Intervention/Treatment Trainings

Pacific Clinics Training Institute

·      Dialectical Behavior Training

·      Seeking Safety

·      Sensory Integration Training

·      Child Abuse Across Cultures:  Assessment, Reporting, Diagnosis & Treatment

·      Setting Boundaries

·      W.R.A.P. Training (Wellness, Recovery and Action Plan)

·      Cultural Competency

·      Child Play Therapy

·      Worldview Diagram

·      Mental Health and Aging:  A Cultural Perspective

·      LGBTQ Issues in Treatment

·      ProACT (Professional Assault Crisis Training)

·      Intimate Partner Violence:  Assessment & Intervention


Are you exhausted from your parenting responsibilities? I educate parents in love-based methods that not only encourage “good” behaviour, but also improve children's self-esteem and inspire them to make safe and healthy decisions.

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