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The Anxiety Specialist

Niche – Emotional Trauma


Online and telephone therapy & coaching special areas of expertise:

• Trauma & PTSD
• Anxiety
• Assertiveness & confidence
• Addiction, including smoking, eating disorders, co-dependence
• Emotional intelligence& relationships


Jonathan Livingstone MA established his therapy & coaching practice in London in 1998. Determined to provide the most effective service possible, he studied and trained in a number of what are considered the most effective contemporary therapy and coaching models, including EMDR, kinesiology, hypnotherapy, NLP, TAT& EFT.

He has created a unique way of working, inspired by these powerful therapeutic models, which involves finding and resolving the origins of therapeutic problems so that they are permanently healed.

He is author of the booksThe Therapist Within You (Lemniscate, 2009) and Relearning Experience (in preparation), and a former director and elected board member of the UK Kinesiology Federation.

His clients include corporations and individuals from all backgrounds, races & sexual orientation – international athletes, titled persons, coaches & therapists, actors, college principals, medical doctors, chief executives, dancers, models, an ambass­ador. They consistently report achiev­­­­­­­­­­­­ing their desired outcomes, and often much more, after only a few consultations.


Very often, people don’t know exactly what the problem is, or what it is they want instead; and delineating the therapeutic problem and establishing the goal constitute the first task of the therapeutic process.

The therapeutic problem involves an uncomfortable feeling, even if you are not aware of the feeling (since it is feelings, not thoughts, that make you do things you don’t want to do or stop you from doing what you want to do – if it were simply thoughts, you could change them). The therapeutic problem also involves a disempowering belief – although this belief is usually unconscious.

The uncomfortable feeling and disempowering belief are inappropriate in the present circumstances and originate in the past. The second task – the special work of this therapy – involves identifying the experiences in the past that have created the disempowering belief and uncomfortable feeling – even if you have no idea where they may originate.

The third task is to resolve the past experiences that are the origins of the therapeutic problem. You will do this by revisiting and challenging the past experiences in such a way that you replace the original belief with a learning that is empowering.

Through this process the uncomfortable feeling and associated limiting belief dissolve; the therapeutic problem is healed; and your goal becomes attainable.

Fees & Availability

Telephone or online therapy or coaching lasts approximately 75 minutes per consultation and costs £85.
Book five consultations for£350 (paid before the second session). Note: the five consultations must be concluded within six months.

Times are flexible andinclude evenings and weekends. Appointments are sometimes available at short notice.

Other ways of working are available – call to discuss.

Email, message or telephone to discuss the way forward: no charge and no obligation.

Training & Qualifications

Jonathan Livingstone has two degrees and a postgraduate teacher training certificate.

He has trained with leaders in their fields, including Robert Dilts, Matthew Thie and Sandy Gannon.

He is an NLP master practitioner, NLPU, CA; Touch for Health kinesiology trainer; Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy diploma; EFT trainer; TAT practitioner; EMDR practitioner and EMTR trainer.

Publications & Research

Author of top-selling kinesiology book,The Therapist Within You (Lemniscate, 2009), and Relearning Experience (in preparation), which describes his methods to identify and resolve the origins of therapeutic issues; and numerous articles, including in Natural Health magazine in the UK (which has also featured his therapeutic work), Natural Medicine magazine in South Africa and South African national newspaper The New Age.




I help you to resolve the experiences in your past that contribute to the problem in the present, so that instead of unhelpful beliefs and uncomfortable feelings you will have empowering beliefs and positive feelings, enabling you to achieve your goals.

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