Face to Face Therapy

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Just like paper books, face to face therapy will probably never disappear completely. Some people just prefer it and always will. That’s why we offer face to face, online and phone sessions – you choose what you’re most comfortable with and what you find works best for you.

Face to face sessions offer a particular kind of structure and even ceremony, with the massive advantage of being able to utilise tone and body language in a way that can’t happen through email, text or instant message. Some people say that they experience the relationship with their therapist as more “real” or genuine for them than through the phone or even video Skype.

We have practitioners in the UK, US and South Africa for you to work with. Whatever medium you choose, therapy provides you with an opportunity to explore personal issues with a trained and experienced professional who will work with you to understand what’s going on for you as well as helping you identify and implement any changes you want to make.

In addition to counselling your P-Therapist may suggest other sources of practical help, such as web-based information, self-help resources, support forums etc. These can be valuable additional resources to any one-to-one help.

Schedule a session with P-Therapy now and let us know what you think.


When was the last time you felt calm and content in the here and now? If you are living in the past or worrying about the future, you can't be present. I can help. Once we base the relationship between you and I on honesty, openness, realness... you will start seeing positive changes.

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